Life in a Waldorf home….

I’m always on the look out for new blogs that reflect my family’s dare I say…quirky…way of life. They are hard to come by though so I thought I would send some of my own thoughts out into the universe!

I’m Waldorf homeschooling mother of four beautiful, interesting, intense and adorable little ones. Since the birth of our oldest child, our family has been on a journey to live and eat as naturally and organically as possible. It’s been an amazing process of changes and challenges and along the way we stumbled into Waldorf education as well.

There are many inspiring and educational sites and blogs on the topic of Waldorf education and homeschooling. And so I intend this to be more of a record of our family’s journey than a didactic source of information. We are far from perfect but I hope that this account of my experiences will resonate with others starting out on or traveling this same path.